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The Company

Billabs Corp. is a privately held company with presence in North America, China and Taiwan. We're always looking to expand our horizons and explore new territories and avenues. It is the dedication that empowers us to excel at the electronics game.

Billabs Corp. offers manufacturers the opportunity to buy high-quality electronic components made in China yet serviced from right here in the U.S. 

Billabs is headquartered in Norcross, Ga., and we stock all of our products here in the US, both in Norcross and in Las Vegas, Nev. These days, a lot of OEMs are looking to buy product from Chinese suppliers with whom they can deal directly, but what they end up doing is forgoing the advantages of a service center in this country just to save a few bucks. That's a big risk. That product, coming from China, you will own whether it's working or not working. 

For an OEM with ongoing supply needs and a willingness to buy in bulk, we'll direct our contacts in our China office to facilitate the production logistics to meet that demand. 

With Billabs, a company gets the advantage of purchasing from a China-based company plus the availability of service within the U.S. That opportunity to get the same product from China combined with U.S.-based warranty service offers great advantages to our customers.
We're still doing light assembly of our Billabs Touchmonitors in our Norcross plant, which is also a distribution center for monitors and gaming parts, and we perform warranty service for all our products there. Our Las Vegas facility is our warranty and service center dedicated to the gaming industry. It concentrates on gaming kits specialized for the casinos. 

*For more information about Billabs, feel free to give us a call!